Born in 1948, John has produced a prolific range of artworks from the age of 17. His early influences were from comic books, science fiction novels and the psychedelic art and music of the late 1960's.

John has exhibited at the Stockport Garrick Theatre, Stockport Art Guild and Vernon Mill Artists Studios. Most of Johns portraits, figurative paintings and sculptures have been done directly from life.

For his paintings, John works mostly in acrylics or pastel and for sculpture in clay, plaster, wood and stone.

He has created a large working model theatre with lighting, scenery and puppets. These are used for family shows mostly at Christmas time including “Wizard of Oz”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Indiana Jones flies to Jurassic Park”

Over the Halloween weekend of 2009, in collaboration with co-artist Teresa Wilson, he presented the "Phantasmagoria Experience” – a walk-through art installation with weird lighting effects, supernatural sounds and scary scenarios all set in an isolated wing of the reputably haunted Vernon Mill!

John also creates props. prosthetics and special effects for films and documentaries. He has been credited for the special effects in the Manchester based TV "CHANNEL M" Horror Drama broadcast on Halloween night 2008, a dramatised documentary on war trauma produced  by “ITV Fixers” and a science fiction drama “Apocalypse Girl” by film maker Dave Gilbank.

He is also a keen photographer, recently working in and presenting stereoscopic 3D stills and movies.

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